S.C. WESTERN OUTDOOR S.R.L. was taken over by its current shareholders in February 2006 and from that moment it started its activity in the architectural design and urbanistic fields and provided expert advice. Until that date, most of the shareholders and members of the design team had worked together since 1997 within the company ROSTRADA S.A., taking part in a series of major projects.
WESTERN OUTDOOR implements the best practices in the architecture and urbanism fields, both in conducting its design activity and in offering expert advice, in order to provide its clients, most of them private legal persons, with huge opportunities for project development, while ensuring an optimum rentability and keeping a maximum level of responsibility towards the natural and anthropic environment, and society).
Director and architect Sorin Gabrea is in charge of the management of the company. The company currently has 9 employees working in 3 departments: Architecture, Urbanism and Infrastructure, and the team is completed by specialists from related fields depending on the needs of our current projects.

Provided services
The main fields of activity of the company are the architectural and urbanistic design.Our company also provides expert advice for real estate developments, urban infrastructure project implementation, and local and regional development strategies.

WESTERN OUTDOOR drew up urbanistic documentation and took part in the elaboration of prefeasibility and feasibility studies for the public administration with a view to implementing important urban projects, such as: BUCHAREST TOWN HALL, METROREX S.A., APA NOVA BUCUREŞTI S.A.
Among our clients, private legal persons, to which WESTERN OUTDOOR provided the full-service package in the real estate and consultancy fields, urbanism, architecture and urban infrastructure services, or only a part thereof, we mention: PORTLAND TRUST S.R.L., SKANSKA PROPERTY ROMANIA S.R.L., PRIME KAPITAL S.A., STRABAG S.R.L., GLOBAL WORTH S.R.L., ASSERAT PROPERTIES S.R.L., DANUBE CAPITAL PARTNERS S.R.L., CONCAS S.A., BANEASA INVESTMENTS SA; PRACTIC S.A., S.C. Morărit - Panificație Băneasa S.A., WELLKEPT IMOBILIARE S.R.L., etc.
WESTERN OUTDOOR has taken part, as a guest, to important contests organized by major companies in the real estate field, namely Portland Romania, Skanska Romania, Nusco Imobiliare, Conadi, Vitalis Consulting, Immofinanz, with a view to transforming the brown-field type sites in residential or services areas.
In the 12 years of existence under its current form, the company has strengthened its existing abilities and has developed new expertise in the fields of architectural design, spatial development, urban fittings and consultancy in the field of real estate development.

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